Our company

We declare to be:

  • Coherent
  • Diversified
  • Creative
  • Participatory

We are committed to obtain fair benefits for our:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Suppliers
  • Stockholders

We would like to be:

  • A model for a flexible textile company
  • A referent in quality products
  • Leaders in commercialization based on a deep knowledge of our clients’ needs
  • Achievement oriented


Our history:

In 1960 a textile company was founded in Medellin: Supertex Medical S.A. During its very beginning Supertex was focused, exclusively, in the production of bandages. Later on, it started to manufacture gauze to strengthen its positioning as a pioneer in the development of medical and surgical devices, focusing on the market of healthcare institutions and on distribution channels that supply consumers directly.


Starting the new century, Supertex grew even more thus entering in the textile field, offering a wide range of fabrics for industry and fashion. At present it has diversified achieving a vertical integration to deliver the customer the finished clothes through its garment business unit.
Within the medical business unit, our aim is to bring safety and confidence when using our products, gaining nationwide coverage and diversifying our portfolio to bring quality, care and a timely service. We also want to make our textile unit a model for innovation, fashion and service.